You’re good at something.

Share it with everyone.

1-on-1 lets you meet with your audience and get paid directly.

1. Create a 1-on-1 listing

Set a title, duration, and price. We’ve seen creators offering “ask me anything” to coaching and live astrology sessions.


2. Add available slots

Select the number of available sessions and when you’d like to do them. Makes it so much easier for people to book.


3. Share it with everyone

Share your 1-on-1 link wherever your followers are. Watch as the slots get filled up—and leave the rest to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the features?

Just about everything you need to hit the ground running. Landing page, payments, direct messaging, Zoom and Meet integration, availability slots, waitlists, calendar invites, and more. We’re also rolling out some advanced features like Series, which lets you bundle multiple sessions.

Why would I use 1-on-1 over other platforms?

1-on-1 is designed for creators from the ground up. That meant putting your brand at the center and giving you complete ownership of your customers (payments and emails).

Most importantly, 1-on-1 is not a marketplace where you get listed alongside your competition. We know that’s a pricing race to the bottom. We want you to value your time and offering independently.

Is there a fee to use 1-on-1?

We do not charge any fees at the moment. If you sell a 1-on-1 before June 1st, we promise to waive any fees we may charge in the future, making it 100% free to use for you, forever. Thank you for being an early adopter.

Who uses 1-on-1?

Anyone with an audience. Youtubers, musicians, podcasters, writers, programmers, consultants, coaches, you name it.

1-on-1 was designed by the team at Buy Me a Coffee for our 500,000+ creators.

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